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Perform the following procedure to change the system time zone after installing the application:

This procedure is applicable for KVM, VMWare and server-based installation.


  1. Log on to the application as "root" user.
    For EMS, log on as "insight user and change to "root' user.
  2. Execute the following command:


    The Sonus Network Configuration screen is displayed:

    Figure : Sonus Network Configuration

  3. Select Time Zone using the Tab key and press Enter.

    Figure : Time Zone

  4. Select the applicable time zone. 

    1. Press Tab key to navigate to OK button.

    2. Press Enter.

    Figure : Time Zone Options

  5. Select Save and Quit using the Tab key.

  6. You can verify the Time Zone setting by executing the following command:

    ls - lrt /etc/localtime
    cat /etc/sysconfig/clock

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