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In this article:


The configuration steps described in this article are examples.

Ribbon recommends referring to the SBC and PSX product documentation for detailed information on the commands, parameters, and flags used in the configuration examples of this guide.

Process the steps in the same order as described in this article.

This article describes the basic SBC configuration that creates the foundation for subsequent steps described in the rest of the articles of this section.

Configure RTCP for Media

To configure the RTCP for media, execute the following commands:

  1. Configure the report interval:

    % set system media mediaRtcpControl senderReportInterval 5
    % commit
  2. Disable the sendBYEPacket:

    % set system media mediaRtcpControl sendBYEPacket disabled
    % commit

Configure SIP Domain

  1. Configure the global SIP Domain Name:


    The SBC performs a failover to another Office 365 site when the primary data center site is down. Currently, Microsoft Office 365 uses the following sites.

    • sip.pstnhub.microsoft.com
    • sip2.pstnhub.microsoft.com
    • sip3.pstnhub.microsoft.com
    % set global sipDomain SIP.PSTNHUB.MICROSOFT.COM
    % set global sipDomain SIP2.PSTNHUB.MICROSOFT.COM
    % set global sipDomain SIP3.PSTNHUB.MICROSOFT.COM
    % commit
  2. Configure the FQDN for the SBC (example - abc.example.com):

    % set global sipDomain ABC.EXAMPLE.COM
    % commit

Configure DSP Resource Allocation

  • This configuration is OPTIONAL; execute this step only if you deploy the SBC with hardware DSP resources.
  • For SWe/Cloud deployments, if you are using SBC Core v7.2 or later, this configuration is not required.


Configure the compression and tone for the media profile:

% set system mediaProfile compression 75 tone 25
% commit

Executing this step on a SBC without DSP resources does not have any negative impact.

However, DO NOT attempt transcoding, so that the lack of compression resources does not affect the SBC configuration and performance.


Configure Ring Back Tone (without DSP)

You can configure Ring back tones to play on certain codecs, even though DSP cards/licenses are not available.

% set profiles media toneCodecEntry g711u codec g711 law ULaw
% commit
% set profiles media toneAsAnnouncementProfile toneType defRing codecType g711u segmentId 20001
% commit


Configure Path Check Profile

Create and attach a Path Check Profile to the Teams side:

% set profiles services pathCheckProfile TEAMS_OPTIONS protocol sipOptions sendInterval 20 replyTimeoutCount 1 recoveryCount 1
% commit
% set profiles services pathCheckProfile TEAMS_OPTIONS transportPreference preference1 tls-tcp
% commit



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