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In this article:


The configuration steps described in this article are examples.

Ribbon recommends referring to the SBC and PSX product documentation for detailed information on the commands, parameters, and flags used in the configuration examples of this guide.

Process the steps in the same order as described in this article.

This article describes the PSX configuration towards MS Teams.

Configure IP Signaling Profile (IPSP)

IPSP - 1

IPSP - 2

IPSP - 3

IPSP - 4

IPSP - 5

IPSP - 6

IPSP - 7

IPSP - 8

IPSP - 9

IPSP - 10

IPSP - 11

IPSP - 12


Configure DM/PM Criteria


Skip this entry for Single Tenant deployments.


Repeat this criteria for all of the required number ranges that identify specific tenants.

DM/PM Criteria


Configure DM/PM Rule


Skip this entry for Single Tenant deployments.

Add the tenant information under the Replacement value. For example, "A.customers.interopdomain.com"


Repeat this for each tenant values by matching different criteria. If the value matches, the PSX places the tenant's FQDN in the "From" header ("A.customers.interopdomain.com", in this example).

DM/PM Rule - 1


DM/PM Rule - 2


Configure IP Peers

Create IP Peers, as defined in the "IP Peer" section of the page Common SBC Configuration.

IP Peer - 1

IP Peer - 2

IP Peer - 3

Configure Crypto Suite Profile

Crypto Suite Profile


Configure Packet Service Profile

Packet Service Profile - 1

Packet Service Profile - 2

Packet Service Profile - 3


Enable RTCP-MUX for media bypass scenarios.

Packet Service Profile - 4


Set Payload type Silence Insertion Descriptor to "13".

Packet Service Profile - 5


Configure Packet Service Profile ID Group

Packet Service Profile ID Group


Configure SIP Domain

SIP Domain


Configure SIP Trunk Group

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Trunk Group - 1

Trunk Group - 2

Trunk Group - 3


Do not configure "Out DM/PM Rule" with "TEAMS_TENANT_MOD" for Single Tenant deployments.

Trunk Group - 4

Trunk Group - 5

Trunk Group - 6


Configure Routing Label

Routing Label - 1

Routing Label - 2

Routing Label - 3


For redundancy, create different IP Peers, as defined in the "IP Peer" section of this article.

Routing Label - 4


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