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Availability: Since 20.08

Analytics Director is hosted on a Ribbon server or, if desired, can be installed on a server in your network.

Analytics Director requires the following minimum resources:

Memory2 GB
Disk200 GB

Use the following procedure to install Analytics Director on a KVM host.

For information on installing Analytics Director on a VMware host, refer to Installing Analytics Director on a VMware Host.

  1. Access the Ribbon Support Portal site.
  2. Select the following file, where <version> is the Analytics Director version. 
    • Protect -> analytics_director.<version>.qcow2 
  3. Copy the file into a directory on the machine that will host Analytics Director.

  4. On the host machine, open the virt-manager and click the Create New VM icon.

  5. In the Step 1 dialog box, select Import existing disk image and click Forward.
  6. In the Step 2 dialog box:

    1. Where you are asked to provide the existing storage path, browse to the location of the qcow2 file, select it, and select Volume.

    2. In the Choose the operating system you are installing search box, type Debian 10 and in the drop-down list, select Debian 10 (debian10).

    3. Click Forward.
  7. In the Step 3 dialog box:

    1. Memory: 2 GB

    2. CPUs: 2

    3. Click Forward.
  8. In the Step 4 dialog box:

    • Name: Enter the VM name

    • Customize configuration before installEnable this option

    • In the Network Selection section, select Specify shared device name and enter the Bridge name.
    • Click Finish.
  9. From the KVM VM, view the console; you are prompted to log in.
  10. When installation is complete, log into the VM as root (password: ribbon1).

  11. When the system displays the prompt: "System Configured with DHCP (y/n)?:"
    1. If DHCP is enabled on the host, enter y; the Analytics Director VM will get the IP address from DHCP.
    2. If DHCP is not enabled:
      1. Enter n.
      2. When prompted, enter the IPV4 address, netmask, and gateway.
  12. Reboot the Analytics Director VM.
  13. Log into the console and enter the following command to view the DHCP-assigned or static IP address for eth0.

    ifconfig -a
  14. The Analytics Director UI is now ready and can be accessed at https://<ip>:8443. 


     If the Analytics Director UI  is not accessible, reboot the VM.

  15. Verify the following:
    1. The Analytics Director scripts are deployed on the VM at /opt/director/scripts/
    2. The following folders were created:
      1. /home/vigiladmin/deployments/
      2. /home/vigiladmin/release/ folder