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Modified: for 20.04

On VMware systems, Analytics Director provides the ability to create the Configuration Drive (.iso) required for deploying the Ribbon Analytics cluster. Analytics Director provides an easy-to-use interface that can accessed through any standard browser. The generated Configuration Drive is downloaded and transferred to a VM host for Ribbon Analytics VM creation.

Analytics Director is hosted on a Ribbon server or, if desired, can be installed on a server in your network.

Analytics Director requires the following minimum resources:

Memory2 GB
Disk200 GB

Use the following procedure to install Analytics Director on a VMware host.

For information on installing Analytics Director on a KVM host, refer to Installing Analytics Director on a KVM Host.

  1. Access the Ribbon Support Portal site.
  2. Select the following file, where <version> is the Analytics Director version. 
    • Protect -> analytics_director.<version>.ova
  3. Open the vSphere client on the desktop.
  4. Enter the ESXi Host information and Log on to the ESXi VM Host.
  5. Click Create > Register VM.
  6. In the New Virtual Machine window:
    1. Select Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file and click Next.
    2. Provide a name for the VM.
    3. Browse to and select the OVA file or drag and drop the file onto the space indicated.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Select the destination storage, and click Next.
    6. On the Deployment options screen:
      1. Select Network Mappings and enter the proper values for your network.
      2. Select Thin format for Disk provisioning.
      3. Disable (clear) the Power on automatically option.
      4. Click Next.
    7. Select Network Mappings and ensure the proper values for your network, then click Next.
    8. On the "Ready to Complete" screen, verify the deployment settings, then click Finish.


      Do not enable the Power on after deployment checkbox!
      Do not power on the machine.

  7. In the Recent Tasks window, verify the the "Results" column states "Completed successfully" for the following actions:

    • Upload disk – analytics_director.<version>-disk.vmdk (1 of 1)

    • Import VApp

  8. Right-click the Analytics Director VM and select Edit Settings.
  9. Enter at least the following minimum requirements:
    1. Memory: 2 GB
    2. CPUs: 2
    3. Disk: 200 GB
  10. Click Save. The message "Virtual machine <VMname> was successfully reconfigured" appears at the top of the UI.
  11. Select the Console tab.
  12. Log into the VM as root (password: ribbon1). 
  13. When the system displays the prompt: "System Configured with DHCP (y/n)?:"
    1. If DHCP is enabled on the host, enter y; the Analytics Director VM will get the IP address from DHCP.
    2. If DHCP is not enabled:
      1. Enter n.
      2. When prompted, enter the IPV4 address, netmask, and gateway.
  14. Reboot the Analytics Director VM.
  15. Log into the console and enter the following command to view the DHCP-assigned or static IP address for eth0.

    ifconfig -a
  16. The Analytics Director UI is now ready and can be accessed at https://<ip>:8443. 


     If the Analytics Director UI  is not accessible, reboot the VM.

  17. Verify the following:
    1. The Analytics Director scripts are deployed on the VM at /opt/director/scripts/
    2. The following folders were created:
      1. /home/vigiladmin/deployments/
      2. /home/vigiladmin/release/ folder