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Document ID: 550-07371
Document Version
: 1
Tested: March 23, 2017
: April 28, 2017

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

This Method of Procedure (MOP) is applicable to SBC application with ePSX installed and configured which need to be upgraded to 06.00.00R000 Release.

This Method of Procedure (MOP) is applicable for SBC HA-Pair, Standalone and Offline upgrades.

2 Prerequisites

As a part of the Upgrade Block, if SBC is configured with ePSX, an upgrade to 06.00.00R000 requires an external PSX to be configured and active. If ePSX is configured, the upgrade pre-check fails and returns the error code to Platform Manager upgrade API.

This procedure is only applicable if you are upgrading to 06.00.00R000 release from any prior releases with ePSX configuration.

Make a note of:

  • Current SBC version installed.
  • Current ePSX version installed.

3 Procedure

3.1 Pre-Upgrade Procedure

  1. For the existing SBC with ePSX configuration, install and set up a PSX machine. To know more about how to configure SBC with external PSX, refer to Configuring SBC to Use External PSX.
  2. Migrate the database from ePSX to external PSX. Follow the instructions provided in PSX Database Backup and Restore.
  3. Log on to SBC CLI interface and set the external PSX as policyServer using the following command, where: <POLICY_SERVER_NAME> is a unique name for external PSX and <MGT_IP> is the management IP of external PSX.

    % set system policyServer remoteServer <POLICY_SERVER_NAME> ipAddress <MGT_IP> state enabled mode active
    % commit

    At this stage, 50% of the calls are processed using external PSX.

  4. Disable ePSX using the below mentioned SBC CLI commands, where <ePSX_VM_NAME> is the configured policyServer name for ePSX.

    % set system policyServer remoteServer <ePSX_VM_NAME> mode outOfService state disabled
    % commit

    Once ePSX is disabled, all the calls are processed using the external PSX.

  5. Execute the below commands only if the ePSX version is 09.03.00R000 and above:

    Execute these steps on both Active and Standby ePSXs.


    1. Log on to ePSX using the following commands, where <ePSX_VM_MGT_IP> is the management IP of ePSX.

      ssh ssuser@<ePSX_VM_MGT_IP>
      su - root
    2. Execute the following command on ePSX shell:

      sed -i 's/exit 1/exit 0/' /export/home/ssuser/SOFTSWITCH/SQL/EPXDataGuard/epxstatus 
  6. Perform an LSWU. Refer to Live Software Upgrade using CLI for additional details.

3.2 Post-Upgrade Procedure

Once an LSWU is performed, execute the following CLI command on the current Active SBC to manually remove the ePSX from the Remote Policy Server:

The ePSX added in the Remote Policy Server will not be removed automatically.

% delete system policyServer remoteServer <ePSX_VM_NAME>
% commit