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This MOP explains how to remove and replace a 451-01060 GE AC power supply from an SBC 7000 chassis.

Important Safety Information

To prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, an ESD strap is provided in the SBC chassis accessory kit. Refer to the page "Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap on SBC 7000" in the SBC Core Hardware Guide to install the wrist strap.


You can swap one power supply without a full chassis power down as long as the other AC power supply is fully powered up. If having only one power supply enabled is a concern, gracefully shut down the chassis prior to performing this procedure so that the SSD drives do not become corrupt.  See Appendix A.


  1. Remove the SAF-D-GRID plug by pressing your thumb on the latch/button at the top of the plug, and pull. 

  2. When swapping the power supplies, the tray it sits in will remain in the chassis.

  3. Install the new power supply into the space.

  4. Seating the power supply does not require much force.  Push in with your thumb until the supply latch clicks.

  5. Connect the AC Power supplies to the existing SAF-D-GRID AC power.

Appendix A: Shut Down the Host CPU from the BMC GUI

Gracefully shut down the system from the BMC GUI or the HOST processor. If the BMC IP address is known, connect to the BMC GUI. 

  1. Enter Username "root" and password xxxxx (usually "superuser") and click Login.

  2. From the menu bar, select the Remote Control tab and click Server Power Control option.

  3. Select Power Off Server, and then click Perform Action.

The system gracefully shut down from the BMC GUI or HOST processor when the LEDs on the back of the chassis illuminate as Green and Blue, as shown in the example below.


The photo shows Tectrol Power supplies, but the circled LEDs should still be Blue and Green.