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What do you want to know?

What does this move to the Ribbon Documentation Center mean to me?

  • Consolidation, convenience and efficiency — All Ribbon product documentation is now located and accessible from the Ribbon Documentation Center (Confluence Wiki)
    (e.g., release notes, user/admin guides, install/upgrade guides, software/hardware guides, best practices, troubleshooting, OAM docs, etc.)
  • Search across all products in one location — View HTML and PDF product documentation

How do I find the Ribbon Documentation Center?

You can get to the Ribbon Documentation Center Home page in several ways:

Where are my announcements/bulletins?

All Ribbon announcements (Warnings, Bulletins, Alerts and PCNs) are located in Salesforce (Ribbon Support Portal). Click here to view and/or subscribe to Ribbon announcements.

(For help with searching and navigating the Ribbon Support Portal, click "Portal User Guide" under Quick Links at the bottom of the page)

Where is my doc? 

  • Always start your doc search from the Ribbon Product Documentation Home page. This is your gateway to all Ribbon product documentation! 

    You can locate product documentation (release notes, user guides, install and upgrade guides, etc.) in several convenient ways:

    1. From the Ribbon Doc Center Home page, by product category/group (red bubbles)

    2. Confluence built-in Search tools
      1. Click the "How to Search in Wiki" button on the Home page (blue bubble), or
      2. Alternatively, click the How to Search in Wiki link in the PAGE TREE (in left navigation panel)

    3. Using the A-Z list of all products, in alphabetical order (green bubble)

    4. From the PAGE TREE (orange bubble below)

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