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The following documentation applies to SonusWorks. This product was formerly know as TaquaWorks.

SonusWorks is the tightly integrated next generation switching solution that combines the BroadSoft® BroadWorks® suite of enhanced VoIP applications and multimedia services with the Sonus T7000 Class 4/5 packet and TDM switching platform, and one of Sonus’ industry leading session boarder controllers (SBCs).

Online PDF Viewing

Clicking a PDF link opens a preview screen of the file in the online viewer utility. To search the document or perform any other functions, click the 'Download' button located in the bottom left corner of the window to save the PDF to your laptop or workstation. Note that larger PDFs cannot be previewed using the online viewer utility. If the document does not display after selecting the PDF, download the PDF to view it locally.

Please note that the online product documentation is always considered the most current version since the HTML pages are often updated and republished on a daily or weekly basis, whereas the PDF versions of the online documentation may not get updated and republished until the next major or sustaining release.

PDFs for the most recent software versions can be viewed following Log In


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