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Host Checker

Use the Host Checker utility to audit the physical host or virtual machine installation of the Ribbon ISO image for SBC, PSX, EMS, DSI, and SGX4000 platforms. This utility verifies the hardware environment and firmware versions. The utility is available as a standalone tool, and is also integrated with the product installation.

 Linux Screen Utility

Log Exchange - LX

Log Exchange (LX) is a multipurpose debugging tool for the SBC Edge (1000/2000), SBC Core (5000/7000 series, SWe) series, and VX series gateways.

LX parses log files and displays  SIP call flows, ISDN call flows, and advanced call details in real-time - making it easy for end-users to analyze and troubleshoot issues.


VXwatch operates within the Windows operating system to enable alarm monitoring of VX node(s) from anywhere in the network. Each VXwatch interface presents performance data in a graphical user interface (GUI) pertinent to a single VX node. By opening additional windows, you can monitor numerous VX nodes simultaneously.

At the VXwatch GUI, port and card status are reported graphically; color coding provides immediate notification of current alarm status down to the channel level. Additionally, you can view call parameters by clicking on the active call, or view circuit parameters by clicking on the interface.


VXbuilder is the configuration and provisioning tool - in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) - for site personnel responsible for VX operations. Use VXbuilder to manage all aspects of system operation of your a VX network equipment

You can use VXbuilder to build partial or full configurations off-line and manage your VX networks with non-disruptive downloads. All configurations and setting can be easily backed up for recovery or replication. Configurations can be stored on any media and existing (saved) configurations can be exported to newly installed nodes to save time.

Multiple ports or channels can be configured simultaneously. Partial configurations can be copied and pasted, saving valuable installation time.


VXgate is an integral part of the VX resilient, distributed, and bandwidth-efficient architecture. VXgate provides a gateway between the VX network and external billing systems or clearing houses, and collects call detail records (CDRs) from those systems.

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