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This page lists the minimum compatible release versions of each Ribbon device that can interoperate with the Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM). All later versions of these compatible devices are also supported unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Any new features associated with the software versions of compatible devices that are released after this device’s software release date may not be supported on this platform. In order to take full advantage of feature content in a particular software release, ensure all Ribbon devices in your network are upgraded to this release. For example, in a network which includes GSX, PSX and EMS devices, all devices must have release 9.0.0 installed to utilize the full 9.0.0 feature set.

SGX 09.00.00R000 requires a minimum Insight release of 09.01.00R000 for new functionality and trap support.

When upgrading your network, be sure to upgrade each product to the most current release in order to take advantage of the latest features, enhancements and fixes. See the associated interoperability matrix for that product's latest release version.


The following table depicts the Ribbon product releases versions which support the Ribbon VNFM platform beginning with VNFM 2018.3.0 release. Two software releases (labeled as Latest and Minimum) of each Ribbon product are associated to each VNFM release version in the table. 

  • Latest release indicates the release version to use on the Ribbon platform in order to ensure availability of the latest features and functionality.
  • Minimum release indicates the minimum compatible product release version for backward compatibility verification.

n/a : Not applicable

n/t : Not tested

Table : VNFM Compatibility Matrix (Beginning with 2018.3.0)

VNFM Version



Compatible Ribbon Product Versions
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