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This page and its contents are located in the VX 4.9.x documentation space. All the links listed on this page will navigate you out of this documentation space.

VXbuilder Screenshot

VXbuilder provides VX network administrators and operators with an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), with which then quickly and easily configure an entire network from one central location in real time. The GUI presents a top level view of the entire network, including each chassis, telephony card, channel, and port. VXbuilder allows a network administrator to configure each setting in the VX platform, including trunk groups, IP routing, call route tables, signaling type and manipulation, tone generation, call number translations, and SS7 parameters.

VXbuilder is the configuration and provisioning tool - in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) - for site personnel responsible for VX operations. Use VXbuilder to manage all aspects of system operation of your a VX network equipment

You can use VXbuilder to build partial or full configurations off-line and manage your VX networks with non-disruptive downloads. All configurations and setting can be easily backed up for recovery or replication. Configurations can be stored on any media and existing (saved) configurations can be exported to newly installed nodes to save time.

Multiple ports or channels can be configured simultaneously. Partial configurations can be copied and pasted, saving valuable installation time.

For more information about the VXbuilder application, click one of the following links: