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This page and its contents are located in the VX 4.9.x documentation space. All the links listed on this page will navigate you out of this documentation space.

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Secure authentication of users and the reliable collection of call detail records (CDRs) are critical to the success of any voice offering. The NET VXgate application, an integral part of the VX Series portfolio, gives voice over IP (VoIP) providers the reliability they demand when deploying calling card and other voice services.

VXgate is an integral part of the VX resilient, distributed, and bandwidth-efficient architecture. VXgate provides a gateway between the VX network and external billing systems or clearing houses, and collects call detail records (CDRs) from those systems.

VXgate uses the VXscript scripting language to enable customized functionality for enhanced AAA applications such as Calling Card authentication and balance notification. For more information on VXgate, click one of the links below:

VXgate Architecture

VXgate acts as an intermediate point, translating CDRs and billing or authentication requests from VX's format to Structured Query Language (SQL) or Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) for interface to a third party billing system or other solution.VXgate supports multiple billing system-side interfaces and translates CDRs to Structured Query Language (SQL) or Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS).