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This page and its contents are located in the VX 4.9.x documentation space. All the links listed on this page will navigate you out of this documentation space.


VXwatch Screenshot

VXwatch provides detailed real time monitoring of all call, channel, and alarm activity throughout the VX network, enabling the network administrator to provide timely corrective action as required. With VXwatch's Windows-based GUI, network administrators and operators can monitor network performance and view call data from a single workstation. The VXwatch application communicates from a workstation with the VX nodes, using a secure encrypted protocol.

VXwatch operates within the Windows operating system to enable alarm monitoring of VX node(s) from anywhere in the network. Each VXwatch interface presents performance data in a graphical user interface (GUI) pertinent to a single VX node. By opening additional windows, you can monitor numerous VX nodes simultaneously.

At the VXwatch GUI, port and card status are reported graphically; color coding provides immediate notification of current alarm status down to the channel level. Additionally, you can view call parameters by clicking on the active call, or view circuit parameters by clicking on the interface.

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