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Resource - AdjacentDiameterNode

About this Resource

Defines an AdjacentDiameterNode managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
AdjacentDiameterID Yes Yes No string Adjacent Diameter Node ID. TL1Name: DID
Type No Yes No PeerType Adjacent Diameter Node Type (DSC INTERNAL, UA, DIAMETER, UA XML, DSC DB) TL1Name: TYPE
Name No Yes No string Adjacent Diameter Node name. TL1Name: NAME
DIDHost No Yes No string DSC Node Host within the realm. TL1Name: DID_HOST
Realm No Yes No string Adjacent Diameter Node associated realm. TL1Name: REALM
Status No No Yes NodeStatus Status of the Adjacent Diameter Node (UP/DOWN/INACTIVE). TL1Name: STATUS
TwTimer No No No DWTimer Watchdog Request initial timer (DISABLED (0), 6000 to 120000 ms). TL1Name: TWTMR
TcTimer No No No int32 Reconnect timer initial value (1000 to 60000 ms). TL1Name: TCTMR
RemoteIPValidation No No No Feature Validate remote IP addresses of incoming connections (DISABLED/ENABLED). TL1Name: IPVALIDATE
StrictApplicationIDMatching No No No Feature Send requests only to peers for whom the request application ID is authorized. TL1Name: STRICTAPPID
IMFSupport No No No Feature Integrated Monitoring Feed feature support for DSC (DISABLED/ENABLED). TL1Name: IMF
DPRDisconnectCause No No No DisconnectCause DPR Disconnect Cause AVP value (0 to 32). TL1Name: DISCAUSE
DiameterProtocolParameterSet No No No string Diameter Protocol Parameter Set associated with this ADN. TL1Name: DIAMPROTPARMSET
OutgoingRequestRoutingTable No No No string Outgoing Request Routing Table TL1Name: OUTREQRTABLE
OutgoingAnswerRoutingTable No No No string Outgoing Answer Routing Table TL1Name: OUTANSRTABLE
MaximumAcceptedAdvertisedCapabilities No No No UnlimitedCap200 Maximum Accepted Advertised Capabilities TL1Name: MAXADVCAPS
InternalID No No Yes int32 Adjacent Diameter Node unique internal ID. TL1Name: INTERNALID

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