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POST - ResultRecord

REST API Method: POST /api/defDSC/DSC/[string:aid_1]/DSCRoutingTables/ResultTable/[string:aid_2]/ResultRecord

Adds an ResultRecord managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Description
[string:aid_1] [DSC/Type]
[string:aid_2] [ResultTable/Type]
Payload(Not necessarily in order) {"Cost":"value", "RecordType":"value", "RecordValue":"value", "Weight":"value"}


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
Cost Yes Yes No int32 Cost of the result record (1 to 99). TL1Name: COST
RecordType Yes Yes Yes ResultRecordType Record Type (RELAY/REDIRECT/REALM_REDIRECT). TL1Name: RECORDTYPE
RecordValue Yes Yes No string Record Value - a RELAY ADN (FQDN), REDIRECT URI and REALM_REDIRECT realm Defn. TL1Name: RECORDVAL
Weight No No No WeightType Weight of the Diameter ID (0 to 4000000). TL1Name: WEIGHT

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