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Resource - SCTPParameterSet

About this Resource

Defines an SCTPParameterSet managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
Name Yes Yes Yes string Name to uniquely identify the Parameter Set. TL1Name: NAME
RTOInitial No No No int32 RTO Initial (ms) TL1Name: RTO_INIT
RTOMinimum No No No int32 RTO Minimum (ms) TL1Name: RTO_MIN
RTOMaximum No No No int32 RTO Maximum (ms) TL1Name: RTO_MAX
MaximumPathRetrans No No No int32 Maximum Path Retransmissions TL1Name: MX_PATH_RETRANS
MaximumAssocRetrans No No No int32 Maximum Association Retransmissions TL1Name: MX_ASSOC_RETRANS
Heartbeat No No No Feature Enable or disable the Heartbeat feature. TL1Name: HB
Bundling No No No Feature Enable or disable the Bundling feature. TL1Name: BUNDLING
HeartbeatInterval No No No int32 Heartbeat Interval (ms) TL1Name: HB_INV
DelayedACKTO No No No DelayedACKTO Delayed ACK TO (ms) TL1Name: DELAYACK_TO
DSCP No No No int32 Differentiated Services Code Point TL1Name: DSCP
InternalID No No Yes int32 Parameter set unique internal ID. TL1Name: INTERNALID

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