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Resource - TransportServer

About this Resource

Defines an TransportServer managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
Slot Yes Yes Yes TRSlot Transport server associated DSC slot. TL1Name: SLOT
TransportType Yes Yes No TransportTypeServer Transport Type (TCP/SCTP). TL1Name: TRANSPORTTYPE
Host Yes Yes No string Hostname or IP address of this server. TL1Name: HOST
Port Yes Yes No DiameterPort Port used for this server (1 to 65535). TL1Name: PORT
SecurityParameterSet No No No string Security Parameter Set associated with this Transport Server. TL1Name: SECPARMSETSERVER
ADNProtocol No No No ADNProtocol Protocol used by the ADN Conns associated with this server (DIAMETER/XML). TL1Name: PROTO
Status No No Yes NodeStatus Status of the Transport Server (INACTIVE/DOWN/UP/PARTIALLY UP). TL1Name: STATUS
RemoteIPValidation No No No Feature Validate remote IP addresses of incoming connections (DISABLED/ENABLED). TL1Name: IPVALIDATE
InternalID No No Yes int32 Transport Server unique internal ID. TL1Name: INTERNALID

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