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PUT - GTCalledSearch

REST API Method: PUT /api/defGTT/GTTDatabase/[string:aid_1]/GTCalledSearches/GTCalledSearch/[string:aid_2]

Modifies an GTCalledSearch managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Description
[string:aid_1] [GTTDatabase/Type]
[string:aid_2] [GTCalledSearch/MinimumDigits],[GTCalledSearch/MaximumDigits],[GTCalledSearch/GTI],[GTCalledSearch/NP],[GTCalledSearch/TT],[GTCalledSearch/NAI],[GTCalledSearch/GTCallingSearchesEPR],[GTCalledSearch/DBDefName],[GTCalledSearch/SSN],[GTCalledSearch/PCListName],[GTCalledSearch/GTModificationName],[GTCalledSearch/Description]
Payload(Not necessarily in order) {"MinimumDigits":"value", "MaximumDigits":"value", "GTI":"value", "NP":"value", "TT":"value", "NAI":"value", "GTCallingSearchesEPR":"value", "DBDefName":"value", "SSN":"value", "PCListName":"value", "GTModificationName":"value", "Description":"value"}


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
MinimumDigits Yes Yes Yes string GT Digits Range minimum (GTAI). TL1Name: MIN_DIGITS
MaximumDigits Yes Yes Yes string GT Digits Range maximum (GTAI). TL1Name: MAX_DIGITS
GTI Yes Yes No GtiAny Global Title Indicator (0000/0001/0010/0011/0100/ANY). TL1Name: GTI
NP Yes Yes No NumberingPlanAny Numbering Plan ([0..15] or ANY). TL1Name: NP
TT Yes Yes No Any_256 Translation Type ([0..255] or ANY). TL1Name: TT
NAI Yes Yes No Any_128 Nature of Address Indicator ([0..127] or ANY). TL1Name: NAI
GTCallingSearchesEPR Yes Yes No string GT Calling Searches EPR for advanced search via Calling Party Address. TL1Name: CLG_EPR
DBDefName Yes Yes Yes string GTT Database Definition Name. TL1Name: DB_DEF_NM
SSN Yes Yes No SSNAny Subsystem Number ([0..255], NOT PRESENT, or ANY). TL1Name: SSN
PCListName No Yes No string Name of Point Code List to which the SS7 messages will be sent. TL1Name: PC_LIST_NAME
GTModificationName No Yes No string Name of GT Modification or NONE. TL1Name: GT_MODIF_NAME
Description No Yes No string Description for the given GT Called Search TL1Name: DESC

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