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REST API Method: POST /api/defGTT/GTTNAManager/GTTNA

Adds an GTTNA managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Description
Payload(Not necessarily in order) {"NetworkAppearance":"value", "DBDefName":"value", "NATraffic":"value", "ConnectionType":"value", "UserDeactivated":"value", "LPCRegistration":"value", "PCRegistrations":"value", "AppIDRegistrations":"value", "NonConnectedPeerIDs":"value", "performActivateTraffic":"value", "performDeactivateTraffic":"value"}


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
NetworkAppearance Yes Yes Yes int32 Network Appearance identifier. TL1Name: NA
DBDefName No Yes No string GTT Database Definition Name. TL1Name: DB_DEF_NM
NATraffic No No Yes ActiveStatus NA traffic (INACTIVE/ACTIVE). TL1Name: NA_TRAFFIC
ConnectionType No Yes Yes NAConnType Network Appearance Connection Type (SCCP/PCE). TL1Name: CONN_TYPE
UserDeactivated No No Yes FeatureBoolean Activation flag for NA vs system-wide. TL1Name: USER_DEACTIVATED
LPCRegistration No No No FeatureBoolean Determines whether or not the LPC will be automatically registered with SCCP. TL1Name: LPC_REG
PCRegistrations No No Yes int32 Number of PC Registrations managed by this Network Appearance. TL1Name: PC_REG
AppIDRegistrations No No Yes int32 Number of AppID Registrations managed by this Network Appearance. TL1Name: APPID_REG
NonConnectedPeerIDs No No Yes string List of peers that are currently not connected to SCCP as per the active GTT. TL1Name: UNCONN_PEERS

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