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Resource - AllowedSIO

About this Resource

Defines an AllowedSIO managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
EPR Yes Yes Yes string Allowed SIO associated entry point reference.
SIRange Yes Yes Yes string Allowed SIO signaling indicator range.
NI Yes Yes Yes NIValue Allowed SIO network indicator.
PRIRange Yes Yes Yes string Allowed SIO priority range.
H1H0 Yes Yes Yes Any_256 Allowed SIO MTP3 H1H0 octet (SI = 0, 1, or 2 only).
Remark No No No string Allowed SIO remark. Alphanumeric characters (max size of 8) TL1Name: REMARK
NextTable No No No NextTableIdAllowedSIO Next screening table definition or NOT APPLICABLE if end of screening. TL1Name: NEXT_TABLE
NextEPR No No No string Next EPR based on Next Table else end screening with IGNORE, FAIL, or STOP. TL1Name: NEXT_EPR
NextStep No No Yes NextStep Next Step summary attribute combining Next Table and Next EPR attributes. TL1Name: NEXT_STEP
SS7Variant No No No SS7Variant Obsolete. Allowed SIO associated SS7 Variant. TL1Name: SS7_VARIANT
PCRouting No Yes No string Allowed SIO associated PC Routing. TL1Name: PC_ROUTING
MSUTracing No No No FeatureBoolean MSU Tracing feature (ENABLED/DISABLED). TL1Name: MSU_TRACING
ScreeningTestMode No No No FeatureBoolean Screening Test Mode feature (ENABLED/DISABLED). TL1Name: SCREEN_TEST_MODE

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