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POST - ExternalNPPartner

REST API Method: POST /api/definapgw/ExternalNPPartners/ExternalNPPartner

Adds an ExternalNPPartner managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Description
Payload(Not necessarily in order) {"ApplicationID":"value", "NA":"value", "ExternalNPE164":"value", "InitialDPSSN":"value", "InitialDPApplicationContext":"value", "InitialDPServiceKey":"value", "InitialDPE164Calling":"value", "InitialDPEDPSupport":"value", "INAPContinuePrefix":"value"}


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
ApplicationID Yes Yes Yes string Application ID representing the External NP Partner. TL1Name: APPID
NA No Yes No int32 External NP Partner associated network appearance. TL1Name: NA
ExternalNPE164 No Yes No string External NP Partner E.164 number. TL1Name: EXTNP_E164
InitialDPSSN No Yes No SCCPSSN INAP Initial-DP SCCP Called & Calling Subsystem Number. TL1Name: SSN
InitialDPApplicationContext No No No string INAP Initial-DP Dialogue Portion Application Context. TL1Name: APPCTXT
InitialDPServiceKey No No No ServiceKey INAP Initial-DP mandatory Service Key parameter. TL1Name: SERVICE_KEY
InitialDPE164Calling No Yes No string INAP Initial-DP Calling Party Number E.164 signals. TL1Name: E164_CLG
InitialDPEDPSupport No No No FeatureBoolean INAP Initial-DP optional EDP parameter support. TL1Name: EDP
INAPContinuePrefix No Yes No string Prefix added to the SCCP Called PA signals for GT routing. TL1Name: INAP_CTN_PREFIX

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