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Resource - SCTPAssociation

About this Resource

Defines an SCTPAssociation managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
ASPID Yes No Yes int32 Object instance number TL1Name: ASP_ID
AssociationNumber No No Yes int32 Number assigned to this SCTP Association TL1Name: ASSOC_NUM
RemoteIP1 No No Yes string Remote IP No.1 of this association TL1Name: REMOTE_IP1
RemoteIP2 No No Yes string Remote IP No.2 of this association TL1Name: REMOTE_IP2
RemotePort No No Yes int32 Remote port number used for this association TL1Name: REMOTE_PORT
AssociationStatus No No Yes SCTPConnStatus Current status of this association TL1Name: ASSOC_STATUS
DebugLevel No No No int32 Debug level (0-5) of this SCTP association (0=none, 1=min, 5=max) TL1Name: DBG_LVL

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