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A sequence of Link attributes

Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
SLC Yes Yes Yes int32 Signaling Link Code for this link. Value of 0-15 TL1Name: SLC
Context No No Yes string A condensed textual representation of the link object. TL1Name: CONTEXT
LinkType No Yes Yes genericLinkType Link Type. TL1Name: LINK_TYPE
DREID No Yes Yes int32 DRE ID of the DRE that owns this link. TL1Name: DRE_ID
LocalIPAddress1 No No No string Primary local address. TL1Name: LOCAL_IPADDR1
LocalIPAddress2 No No No string Secondary local address TL1Name: LOCAL_IPADDR2
LocalPort No No No int32 Local Port. TL1Name: LOCAL_PORT
RemoteIPAddress1 No No No string Primary remote address. TL1Name: REMOTE_IPADDR1
RemoteIPAddress2 No No No string Secondary remote IP address. TL1Name: REMOTE_IPADDR2
RemotePort No No No int32 Remote Port. TL1Name: REMOTE_PORT
L2State No No Yes L2LinkState Status of this link. TL1Name: L2_STATE
L3State No No Yes L3LinkState Status of MTP Level 3 for this link. TL1Name: L3_STATE
RxMSUCount No No Yes int32 Received MSU count, per second. TL1Name: RXMSU
TxMSUCount No No Yes int32 Transmitted MSU count, per second. TL1Name: TXMSU
DiagnosticMessage No No Yes string Link management diagnostic message TL1Name: DIAG_MSG
DataLinkBandwidth No No No int32 Generic DataLink Baud Rate in kbps TL1Name: GENERIC_DL_BANDWITH
Alarms No No No Feature Alarms TL1Name: ALARMS
UserActivated No No Yes Feature Link activation flag. Used on stack restart for alignment attempt. TL1Name: USR_ACTIVATED
NetworkAppearance No No No NetworkApp Network Appearance. TL1Name: NETWORK_APPEARANCE
RoutingContext No No No RContext Routing Context. TL1Name: RC
DataDebugLevel No No No int32 Data Debug Level TL1Name: DATA_DBG_LVL
SoftwareDebugLevel No No No int32 Software Debug Level TL1Name: SW_DBG_LVL
SCTPDebugLevel No No No int32 SCTP debug level for association debugging TL1Name: SCTP_DBG_LVL
LinksetSCTPValues No No No YesNoState When this is set, the link uses the Linkset SCTP values. TL1Name: LS_SCTP_VALUES
Heartbeat No No No Feature On / Off Heartbeat Feature TL1Name: HB
HeartbeatInterval No No No int32 Heartbeat interval (ms) TL1Name: HB_INV
RTOInitial No No No int32 RTO Initial (ms) TL1Name: RTO_INIT
RTOMinimum No No No int32 RTO Minimum (ms) TL1Name: RTO_MIN
RTOMaximum No No No int32 RTO Maximum (ms) TL1Name: RTO_MAX
MaximumPathRetrans No No No int32 Maximum path retransmissions TL1Name: MX_PATH_RETRANS
MaximumAssocRetrans No No No int32 Maximum association retransmissions TL1Name: MX_ASSOC_RETRANS
Bundling No No No Feature Bundling On / Off TL1Name: BUNDLING
BundlingTO No No No int32 Bundling TO (ms) TL1Name: BUNDLING_TO
DelayedACKTO No No No int32 Delayed ACK TO (ms) TL1Name: DELAYACK_TO
FastRetransThreshold No No No int32 Fast Retransmit Threshold TL1Name: FAST_RETRANS_TH
Checksum No No Yes SCTPCheckSum SCTP Checksum TL1Name: CHECKSUM
InStreams No No No int32 Number of in streams. TL1Name: INSTREAMS
OutStreams No No No int32 Number of out streams. TL1Name: OUTSTREAMS

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