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REST API Method: POST /api/defMTP/MTP3NAManager/MTP3NA/[string:aid_1]/Linksets/Linkset/[string:aid_2]/M2UALink

Adds an M2UALink managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Description
[string:aid_1] [MTP3NA/Type]
[string:aid_2] [Linkset/Type]
Payload(Not necessarily in order) {"SLC":"value", "Context":"value", "APC":"value", "LinkName":"value", "DREID":"value", "Cage":"value", "IID":"value", "L2State":"value", "L3State":"value", "CongestionLevel":"value", "RxMSUCount":"value", "TxMSUCount":"value", "DiagnosticMessage":"value", "LinkOscillationFilter":"value", "DataLinkBandwidth":"value", "Alarms":"value", "UserActivated":"value", "L2DebugLevel":"value", "performActivate":"value", "performDeactivate":"value", "performSetLPO":"value", "performClearLPO":"value", "performInhibit":"value", "performUninhibit":"value", "performReset":"value"}


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
SLC Yes Yes Yes int32 Signaling Link Code for this link. Value of 0-15 TL1Name: SLC
Context No No Yes string A condensed textual representation of the link object. TL1Name: CONTEXT
APC No No Yes string Adjacent SS7 point code of this link TL1Name: PC
LinkName No No Yes string Link Name based on the Linkset Name. TL1Name: LINKNAME
DREID No No Yes int32 DRE to own this link. TL1Name: DRE_ID
Cage No No No int32 Cage used by this link TL1Name: CAGE
IID No No No int32 Channel used by this link TL1Name: IID
L2State No No Yes L2LinkState Status of MTP Level 2 for this link. TL1Name: L2_STATE
L3State No No Yes L3LinkState Status of MTP Level 3 for this link. TL1Name: L3_STATE
CongestionLevel No No Yes CongestionLevel Congestion level of this link. TL1Name: CONGESTION_LVL
RxMSUCount No No Yes int32 Received MSU count, per second. TL1Name: RXMSU
TxMSUCount No No Yes int32 Transmitted MSU count, per second. TL1Name: TXMSU
DiagnosticMessage No No Yes string Link management diagnostic message TL1Name: DIAG_MSG
LinkOscillationFilter No No No Feature Link Oscillation Filter. TL1Name: OSC_FILTER
DataLinkBandwidth No No No LinkBandwidth Link Baud Rate TL1Name: DLINK_BANDWITH
Alarms No No No Feature Alarms TL1Name: ALARMS
UserActivated No No Yes Feature Link activation flag. Used on stack restart for alignment attempt. TL1Name: USR_ACTIVATED
L2DebugLevel No No No int32 MTP Level 2 Debug Level TL1Name: L2_DBG_LVL

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