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Resource - Routeset

About this Resource

A sequence of Routeset attributes

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
DPC Yes Yes Yes string Destination SS7 point code of this routeset
DestinationType Yes Yes Yes DestType Destination Type TL1Name: DEST_TYPE
Context No No Yes string A condensed textual representation of the routeset object. TL1Name: CONTEXT
CLLI No No No string Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) of this routeset. TL1Name: CLLI
RoutesetState No No Yes RoutesetState Routeset State TL1Name: STATE
CongestionLevel No No Yes CongestionLevel Congestion Level TL1Name: CNGSTLVL
DestinationState No No Yes DestState Destination State TL1Name: DESTSTATE
BroadcastTCA No No No Feature Broadcast TCA Feature TL1Name: TCA
BroadcastTCP No No No Feature Broadcast TCP Feature TL1Name: TCP
BroadcastTCR No No No Feature Broadcast TCR Feature TL1Name: TCR
BroadcastTFA No No No Feature Broadcast TFA Feature TL1Name: TFA
BroadcastTFP No No No Feature Broadcast TFP Feature TL1Name: TFP
BroadcastTFR No No No Feature Broadcast TFR Feature TL1Name: TFR
CongestionNotifOfUPs No No No int32 Number of messages between congestion notification of UP (Default 8) TL1Name: CNGSTNOTIFUPS
AllowXRoutesets No No No Feature Enable or disable the creation of X-List routesets TL1Name: ALWXRTST
TestState No No Yes SLT Signaling Test State (Japan and New Zealand only) TL1Name: TESTSTATE
RoutesetID No No No RoutesetID PT_C20 Application ID Mgmt Routeset unique identifier. TL1Name: RSID
LoadshareMode No No No RSLoadShareMode Loadshare Mode TL1Name: LOADSHARE_MODE
Alarms No No No Feature Alarms TL1Name: ALARMS

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