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Resource - PCENA

About this Resource

Defines an PCENA managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
NA Yes No No int32 Network Appearance. TL1Name: NA
Type No No Yes NAType Network Appearance Type (PUBLIC/PRIVATE). TL1Name: TYPE
NetworkIndicator No No Yes NetId MTP3 NA associated Network Indicator. TL1Name: NET_IND
MTPPort No No Yes int32 User Port of the MTP3 for the given NA. TL1Name: MTP_PORT
SCCPGTTPort No No Yes int32 GTT Port of the SCCP for the given NA. TL1Name: SCCP_GTT_PORT
PCEGTTPort No No Yes int32 Service Port of the GTT for the given NA. TL1Name: PCE_GTT_PORT

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