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DSC Platform Requirements

Before you begin using the REST API, it is assumed that you have completed the following tasks:

  • If you have a DSC Platform, installed or upgraded your system to release 16.0.0 or above. 


    The DSC system should come with a fixed port number reserved for the REST API. This port number is 8890 on the management node.

  • Configured the required passwords and user privileges (refer to the Platform Manager User Guide, DSC User Profiles and Privileges). 


    The REST API is accessible to an active user with valid TL1 privileges. You should be able to login on both the Web UI and TL1 server with the ACT-USER TL1 command without escaping the password. For more information, refer to the Platform Manager User Guide, DSC Password Management.

  • If using the Ribbon Element Management System (EMS), enabled the EMS on the DSC, refer to Configuring Community Directives.


The REST API is served through a Python web application (the DSC comes with a Python interpreter). For more information about Python, visit Python Software Foundation at

REST Client Requirement

A REST API client is free to use any HTTP compliant (1.1) client library or Web Development Programming Language satisfying the following requirements:

  • Support for HTTP over TLS (HTTPS)
  • Supports HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE

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