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Resource - M3UAMultiAssociationASP

About this Resource

Defines an M3UAMultiAssociationASP managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
ID Yes Yes Yes int32 M3UA Multi Association ASP unique identifier. TL1Name: ID
Name No No No string M3UA configured ASP name. TL1Name: NAME
ASPIDValidation No No No FeatureBoolean M3UA ASP ID Validation. TL1Name: IDVAL
IncomingAppID No No No string M3UA Incoming AppID for Gateway Screening. TL1Name: INCOMING_APPID
RCInDATAMessage No No No FeatureBoolean Include Routing Context parameter in DATA message. TL1Name: INCRC
NAInDATAMessage No No No FeatureBoolean Include Network Apearance parameter in DATA messages. TL1Name: INCNA
ASPType No Yes Yes MultiASPType Type of ASP. TL1Name: ASP_TYPE
SCTPRole No Yes Yes SCTPRole M3UA Multi Association ASP SCTP Role (CLIENT/SERVER). TL1Name: ROLE
M3UAVersion No Yes Yes M3UAVersion M3UA Multi Association ASP M3UA Version (M3UAvRFC/M3UAv2). TL1Name: M3UA VERSION
NATranslation No No No NARange NA Translation for M3UA Multi Association ASPs. TL1Name: NATRANS
DefaultNetworkAppearance No No No DefaultNA M3UA Multi ASP Default Network Appearance. TL1Name: NA
IMFSupport No No No FeatureBoolean Integrated Monitoring Feed feature support for this ASP. TL1Name: IMF
Heartbeat No No No FeatureBoolean Enable or disable the Heartbeat feature. TL1Name: HB
HeartbeatInterval No No No int32 Heartbeat interval (ms). TL1Name: HB_INTV
RTOInitial No No No int32 Initial Retransmission Timeout (ms). TL1Name: RTO_INIT
RTOMinimum No No No int32 Minimum Retransmission Timeout (ms). TL1Name: RTO_MIN
RTOMaximum No No No int32 Maximum Retransmission Timeout (ms). TL1Name: RTO_MAX
MaximumInitRetrans No No No int32 Maximum initial retransmissions. TL1Name: MAX_INIT_RETRANS
MaximumAssocRetrans No No No int32 Maximum association retransmissions. TL1Name: MAX_ASSOC_RETRANS
MaximumPathRetrans No No No int32 Maximum path retransmissions. TL1Name: MAX_PATH_RETRANS
Bundling No No No FeatureBoolean Enable or disable the Bundling feature. TL1Name: BUNDLING
BundlingTimeout No No No int32 Bundling timeout (msecs). TL1Name: BUNDLING_TO
DelayedAckTimeout No No No int32 Delayed acknowledgement timeout. TL1Name: DELAYACK_TO
Checksum No No Yes SCTPCheckSum Checksum algorithm. TL1Name: CHECKSUM
InStreams No No No int32 Number of in streams. TL1Name: INSTREAMS
OutStreams No No No int32 Number of out streams. TL1Name: OUTSTREAMS

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