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Resource - SCCPNA

About this Resource

Defines an SCCPNA managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
NetworkAppearance Yes Yes Yes int32 The SCCP corresponding network appearance. TL1Name: NA
SS7Variant No No Yes SS7VariantType The SCCP SS7 Variant for the given NA. TL1Name: SS7_VARIANT
LocalPointCode No No Yes string The MTP3 local point code for the given NA. TL1Name: LPC
NAStatus No No Yes NAStatus SCCP NA activation status. TL1Name: NA_STATUS
SCCPLocalStatus No No Yes AvailStatus Obsolete as of 9.1. SCCP NA local status. TL1Name: SCCP_STATUS
KeepAliveTimer No No No TimerEnable The Keep Alive timer is the connection keep alive pulse interval (ms). TL1Name: KEEP_ALIVE_TIMER
AddressIndicatorEncoding No No No AddrEncInd Address Indicator Encoding for SCCP addresses of SS7-bound messages. TL1Name: ADDR_IND_ENC
RxMSGCount No No Yes int32 Number Received Messages per second TL1Name: RXMSG
TxMSGCount No No Yes int32 Number Transmitted Messages per second TL1Name: TXMSG

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