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Resource - SUA

About this Resource

Defines an SUA managed object.

REST API Methods for this Resource

Resource Schema


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
PendingTimer No No No PendingTimer Duration of PENDING state in msecs for an SUA AS. TL1Name: PENDING_TIMER
IMFSupport No No No FeatureBoolean Integrated Monitoring Feed feature support for SUA. TL1Name: IMF
SCTPProtocolIDValidation No No No FeatureBoolean Validation of protocol ID of received data. TL1Name: SCTP_PROTO_ID_VAL
Monitoring No No Yes FeatureBoolean Monitoring feature (ENABLED/DISABLED). TL1Name: MONITOR
AssociationCapacity No No No int32 Maximum number of bytes per second sent on a AS association. TL1Name: ASSOC_CAP
HighUsageOnset No No No Percent Traffic level at which high usage alarms are triggered. TL1Name: HU_ONSET
HighUsageAbatement No No No Percent Traffic level at which high usage alarms are cleared. TL1Name: HU_ABATE
UsageIntervalSeconds No No Yes int32 Interval in seconds used to calculate average traffic load. TL1Name: INT_SECS
ConnectionEstablished No No No TimerEnable Connection establish timer. TL1Name: T_CX_ESTABLISHED
InactivitySend No No No TimerEnable Inactivity send timer. TL1Name: T_INACTIVITY_SEND
InactivityReceive No No No TimerEnable Inactivity receive timer. TL1Name: T_INACTIVITY_RX
Release No No No TimerEnable Release timer. TL1Name: T_RELEASE
RepeatRelease No No No TimerEnable Repeat release timer. TL1Name: T_REPEAT_RELEASE
SRNFreeze No No No TimerEnable SRN freeze timer. TL1Name: T_SRN_FREEZE

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