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POST - SUARoutingContext

REST API Method: POST /api/defSG/SUA/SUAConfiguredASPs/SUAConfiguredASP/[string:aid_1]/SUARoutingContext

Adds an SUARoutingContext managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Description
[string:aid_1] [SUAConfiguredASP/Type]
Payload(Not necessarily in order) {"RoutingContext":"value", "RemoteRoutingContext":"value"}


Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
RoutingContext Yes Yes Yes int32 Routing context. TL1Name: RC
RemoteRoutingContext No No No RemoteRC Remote routing context is used to connect a group of configured RCs. An ASP may go active for the group of RCs by sending a single ASP Active message containing only the remote routing context. All notifications and Acks pertaining to any AS in the group will contain the remote routing context. This feature should only be used when the ASP must send a single Routing Context but it needs register for more than one routing key. It can also be used in the case where a routing context is already configured for an AS and the ASP sends a different RC in the ASPAC message. To set the value to UNDEFINED, enter -1. TL1Name: REMOTERC

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