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REST API Method: PUT /api/defSG/SUA/SUASCTPServers

Modifies an SUASCTPServers managed object.



HTTP Method:


Requires Authentication:



Parameter Name Required Create Read-Only Data Type Description
DefaultNetworkAppearance No No No int32 SUA default network appearance. TL1Name: DFLT_NA
ASPManagement No No No ASPMgmt ASP Dynamic and/or preconfigured setup. TL1Name: ASP_MGMT
Status No No Yes FeatureBoolean SUA SCTP Server status. TL1Name: STATUS
Heartbeat No No No FeatureBoolean Enable or disable the Heartbeat feature. TL1Name: HB
HeartbeatInterval No No No int32 Heartbeat interval (ms). TL1Name: HB_INTV
RTOInitial No No No int32 Initial Retransmission Timeout (ms). TL1Name: RTO_INIT
RTOMinimum No No No int32 Minimum Retransmission Timeout (ms). TL1Name: RTO_MIN
RTOMaximum No No No int32 Maximum Retransmission Timeout (ms). TL1Name: RTO_MAX
MaximumInitRetrans No No No int32 Maximum initial retransmissions. TL1Name: MAX_INIT_RETRANS
MaximumAssocRetrans No No No int32 Maximum association retransmissions. TL1Name: MAX_ASSOC_RETRANS
MaximumPathRetrans No No No int32 Maximum path retransmissions. TL1Name: MAX_PATH_RETRANS
Bundling No No No FeatureBoolean Enable or disable the Bundling feature. TL1Name: BUNDLING
BundlingTimeout No No No int32 Bundling timeout (msecs). TL1Name: BUNDLING_TO
DelayedAckTimeout No No No int32 Delayed acknowledgement timeout. TL1Name: DELAYACK_TO
Checksum No No Yes SCTPCheckSum Checksum algorithm. TL1Name: CHECKSUM
InStreams No No No int32 Number of in streams. TL1Name: INSTREAMS
OutStreams No No No int32 Number of out streams. TL1Name: OUTSTREAMS

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