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Adding a network adapter (NIC) to a virtual machine allows you to:

  • bridge a network

  • enhance communications

  • or replace an older adapter

You can select the adapter type, network connection, and whether the device must be connected when the virtual machine is turned on. For more information on network adapters refer VMware documentation. This page lists the steps required to add a network adapter (NIC) to an existing VM instance. For more information on creating a virtual switch, see Creating a Virtual Switch in VMware ESXi.

Perform the following steps to add a network adapter to DSC SWeVM instance:

  1. Login to vSphere client.
  2. In the vSphere client main page right-click on the VM instance and select Edit Settings option:



    The Virtual Machine Properties window appears:


  3. Click Add.


  4. Select Ethernet Adapter as the device type and click Next.


  5. Perform the following steps in the Network Type page:
    1. Click the Adapter Type drop-down list and select an adapter type from the list.

    2. Click the Network Label drop-down list and virtual switch created for example, New_vSwitch.

    3. Select Connect at power on option to connect the network adapter when the VM instance is powered on.

    4. Click Next.


  6. Click Finish to add the selected network adapter to the VM instance.

  7. Click OK to complete adding the network adapter to a DSC SWeVM instance.
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