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In this section:

Follow the instructions in this section to ensure that all prerequisites for commissioning and decommissioning DSC 8000 system cards are met.

For detailed information about commissioning and decommissioning CPUs, see the appropriate sections, as required, at Installing System Cards and Extracting System Cards, respectively.

General Prerequisites Before Commissioning and Decommissioning System Cards

Only one card can be commissioned and/or decommissioned each time. Before you can commission or decommission a new CPU or an I/O card in a DSC 8000 chassis, the system must be fully operational and meet with the following criteria:

  • the initial configuration procedure, licensing, and networking must already have been executed

  • the following cards must be operational:
    • both required Management CPUs  (slots 2 and 13)

    • both required Routing (slots 3 and 12)

    • both Ethernet Switches (slots 1 and 14)

  • all Management, Routing, and Application must be running the same software load

  • have a bootable USB installer for the present load on the system, and a present day complete system backup, by performing a Complete System Backup. For information about such a backup, see the appropriate chapter in the Platform Manager User Guide.


Additional Prerequisites for Commissioning DSC DB Application CPUs

The DSC 8000 must be equipped with two AMC124 CPUs with their respective RMC110 cards that can be commissioned as Sonus DSC DB Application CPU cards. The RMC110 cards must be equipped with dual SSD hard drives.

For more information about these cards, see the appropriate chapter in the DSC 8000 Hardware Installation Guide.