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This section provides you with information to commission or decommission DSC 8000 system cards after an upgrade to the newest release software.


Commissioning, decommissioning, installing, or extracting DSC 8000 system cards must be performed during a maintenance window. Otherwise, the system may not perform as expected.

For the DSC 8000, you cannot extract the Management CPU cards inserted in slots 2 and 13 nor the Routing CPU cards inserted in slots 3 and 12.

Commissioning or decommissioning any of the Sonus DSC 8000 system cards changes the composition of the system hardware and software. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you prepare a Complete System Backup before and after commissioning or decommissioning of these cards. For more information about preparing such a backup, see the Platform Manager User Guide.

A backup can only be restored on a system where the slot configuration is the same as the composition that existed when the backup was performed. The system prevents you from restoring a backup if the current slot configuration does not match the slot configuration of the backup. Therefore, taking a backup is important before and after commissioning or decommissioning a new card.


It is recommended that you label backups as required with the appropriate date and load number.

You must upgrade all CPU and IO cards, including new and spare cards, to the software newest release (as required) OS and Sonus software before commissioning these cards. For more information, see Upgrading the Software on Spare System Cards.

Before you can commission a new CPU card, the license for this CPU must be readily available. This license can be obtained from Customer Support. For information about adding such a license, see the appropriate section in the Platform Manager User Guide.

All the examples in this document assume a Linux/Unix environment. Alternatively, utilities such as psftp.exe and putty.exe can be used in a Windows environment to SSH.

For more information about preparing the system for a maintenance window, see Planning the Maintenance Window for Software Upgrade.

For information about extracting and installing system cards, see the appropriate chapter in the DSC 8000 Hardware Installation Guide.   

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