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It is assumed that your system and the Routing IP Network are properly provisioned with no single point of failure before starting the upgrade

The following table provides networking recommendations for all IP-backed signaling protocols, including SS7 IP connections [M2PA connections, M3UA ASPs (Application Servers Processes), and SUA ASPs] and Diameter Adjacent Diameter Nodes (ADNs).

Table : System Requirements Prior to a Software Upgrade

Item Description
Sonus DSC Platform Mated Pair Configuration The network comprises a pair of Sonus DSC Platform systems in a mated pair configuration. This setup enables one Sonus DSC Platform to process traffic (active system) while the other Sonus DSC Platformis being upgraded (standby system).

Routesets (SS7)

Routesets within the active system must specify the routes that are unaffected by the outage during the software upgrade.
Linksets (SS7)There are enough links to manage the traffic load from a specific node to each Sonus DSC Platform in the mated pair configuration. Locations that have linksets to a single Sonus DSC Platform may experience an outage.
Multiple Connections Through Different slots/VMs (Diameter)When a slot/VM is restarted (or fails), the remaining slots/VMs require connections to maintain service at each end point. This requirement extends to the mated-pair configurations where connections are needed across slots/VMs of each system.
IP Link (Pipe) Capacity (Diameter)An IP Pipe should support the combined maximum traffic load of the given system.
Load Levels

Traffic should be diverted to one Sonus DSC Platform in the mated pair configuration during the software upgrade. It is assumed that your system is capable of handling the increased traffic on this Sonus DSC Platform.

To make sure that your system is capable of managing the increased traffic on the active system, monitor the following:

  • Load levels and throughput on a normally operating system should not exceed 0.4 of system capacity; therefore, during the failover scenario that is required to perform a software upgrade, the active system in the redundant configuration is not carrying more than 0.8 of system capacity.

  • Redundant link(s) and multiple connections are available as required

  • If CPU/VM usage and memory usage is critical, and an audible alarm sounds (see 5521 CpuUsageCriticalThresholdCrossed and 6260 slotCPUMemUsageCriticalAlarm . 


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