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You encounter the following terms in this chapter:

  • current software version

  • previous software version

Because rollback happens after an upgrade, there is no new software on the system.

After you perform a rollback, the previous software becomes the current software, and the upgraded software is deleted from the system.

The following table provides you with an example for the terminology description.

Table : Example for Software Rollback Terminology

Software Version Status Version Before Rollback Version After Rollback
previous dsc_8000_15_x_y_nb<date>N/A
current dsc_8000_16_a_b_nb<date>dsc_8000_15_x_y_nb<date>


The current software version 16.a.b is deleted from memory and is replaced with version dsc_8000_15_x_y_nb<date> after the rollback.