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This section provides you with information about rolling back (restoring) the current software version to the previous release using the rollback script.


A software rollback process should only be performed in case severe issues occur shortly after the software upgrade. Any provisioning or configuration changes that have been made after an upgrade are lost after a rollback.

Do not log onto the system using the shared IP addresses on the Routing and Management VMs during the upgrade procedures provided in this section. These addresses are disabled as part of the upgrade process.

The rollback is performed in several stages:

    • on the new Routing and Management VM, execute the rollback command at the system prompt.
    • on each previous VM, power-on and execute the rollback command at the system prompt.
    • the previous VMs are restored and the new VMs are powered-off and waiting for disposal.

All the examples in this document assume a Linux/Unix environment. Alternatively, a utility such as putty.exe can be used in a Windows environment for SSH connections.