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The Software Revisions utility (see the following figure) provides access for viewing and upgrading software version information for the Sonus DSC Platform.

Figure : Sonus DSC 8000 Software Revisions Utility Screen (Example)


The DSC DB and SS7 DB applications (Apps) only appear in the preceding screen capture if your system is licensed for these applications.

You encounter the following terms in this chapter:

  • current software version
  • previous software version
  • new software version

If you have not had a previous software upgrade on the system, the system only has the current software version.

If you have had a previous upgrade on the system, the system has a previous and current software version.

During the software upgrade, the previous software version is deleted from the system. After you have completed the upgrade, the current software version becomes the previous and the new becomes the current software version.


The new version is not visible on the system until the new software load is expanded.

The following table provides you with an example for the terminology description.

Table : Example for Software Upgrade Terminology

Software Version StatusVersion Before UpgradeVersion After Upgrade
newdsc_8000_16_c_d_nb<date>Not Applicable (N/A)


The previous Software Version dsc_8000_14_x_y_nb<date> is deleted from memory.