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The Advanced Managed Routing Feature is only available if your system is licensed for Routing on Incoming Linkset (RTIL).

The following figure illustrates a typical network configuration using DSC Platform. This network is configured to avoid circular routing by provisioning routing on incoming linkset (RTIL). To configure such a network, the operator must configure two routeset lists (see To create a routeset).

The traffic flow for the network in Figure Typical Network Configuration to Avoid Circular Routing example is as follows:

  • A > C > E > C > B

  • A > D > F > D > B

A routeset list named STANDARD exists by default on the DSC Platform. You cannot delete this routeset list. You can delete routeset lists that you create, however, you must make sure that this list does not contain provisioned routes and are not referred to by any linkset.

When provisioning a STANDARD routeset list, it is required that a member routeset is configured to all the adjacent nodes for proper handling of management messages.

Figure : Typical Network Configuration to Avoid Circular Routing

To configure advanced managed routing for the network configuration shown in the preceding illustrations, do the following:

To create a routeset list

  1. From the Main Menu, click MTP3.

  2. Click the required NA.

  3. Click Create in the Routeset List Selection screen.

  4. Enter a unique name for the routeset list that you reference when creating the linkset for this list.


The routeset list name must consist of at most eight characters. The alphabetic characters must be uppercase.


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