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This section provides you with information about configuring a route.

The Four Equal Cost Routes (4ECR) feature allows you to provision up to four routes with the same cost (see the following figure). This feature applies to all route types. The feature is only supported for ITU.

Before you can configure up to four routes with the same cost, some provisioning is required when you are configuring the node that processes the traffic on these routes. For more information about 4ECR, see Configuring Four Equal Cost Routes.

Figure : Four Equal Cost Routes (4ECR)

Configuring a Route

When you create a new route, you must enter a cost for this route. You can assign a cost from 0-99, where 0 is the lowest cost and 99 is the highest cost.


The creating, configuring, and deleting a route should be done with care, because performing these actions may be traffic affecting.

To create and delete a route

Click to

To configure a route

Click to


Resetting a Route State

The Reset State action only applies when the current route state is prohibited or restricted. The action can be used in circumstances when the transfer allowed message was not received. The reset action changes the route state to available. However, if the remote end is not available, a transfer prohibited or restricted message is received in response to any traffic forwarded, and the route state changes to reflect the actual value.

To reset a route state

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