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Configuring the Trap Log

The Web UI provides allows you to view the last 1000 traps.

To view the trap log

Click to

Event Setup

For information about the Event Setup screen and related provisioning activities, see the appropriate chapter of the Alarms Guide.

SNMP Omit List

Clicking this button, lists the Object types that are unavailable for SNMP.

Changing the Trap Community Name

The default trap community name is “private”. You can assign your own trap community name string, up to 64 characters in length.

To change the Trap Community name

Click to

Configuring a Trap Host

A Trap Host is a remote SNMP Manager to where the DSC Platform forwards traps. You can create and delete up to four Trap Hosts.

To create and delete a Trap Host 

Click to

Viewing the List of SNMP Agent Hosts

On the DSC Platform, internal processes such as MTP operate as internal SNMP agents. Deleting an internal agent host disables the related DSC Platform process from SNMP management functions and from the Web UI.

Your system should include default agent hosts configured for the processes running on the DSC Platform.

For more information about the internal agent hosts, or for adding optional features as agent hosts for SNMP management, contact Customer Support.

To view the list of existing Agent Hosts

Click to

Viewing a Definition File List

The definition file list includes read-only files that provide the syntax to decode information for all user interfaces.

To view the definition file list

Click to

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