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The following section is only applicable to the DSC 8000. For more information, see Limitations for DSC Platforms.

The Transparent Inter-process Communication (TIPC) server is used for enterprise communication (IPC) between a Routing CPU (DRE) and an I/O card (AMC348) through a Level 2 connection.

The TIPC is pre-configured for the Sonus Signaling Systems; therefore, no provisioning is required. Depending whether the card is configured for ATM or TDM traffic, the TIPC server may support ATM or TDM protocols.

Only change the Debug Level attribute if instructed by Customer Support.

To view TIPC server information

  1. From the Main Menu, click the required I/O card on the DSC image.

  2. Click the required AMC348 card.

  3. Click the required TIPC server (ATM or TDM, in this example TDM).

  4. Click the required ASP ID.

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