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The features for this initial release present DSC SWe instances (VMs) inside an OpenStack cloud environment. The DSC SWe (on OpenStack) builds on the existing DSC SWe using the same architecture, operating system, and application feature-sets while augmenting Operation Administration and Management  (OAM) components for cloud deployments.


The minimum supported OpenStack version is Red Hat Newton.  Refer to for the official OpenStack release list.

Consider the following for this document:

  • The VM (CPU Type) is either Management and Routing or Routing. Two Management CPUs are supported on each system.
  • No Application or Custom VMs (CPU types) are supported.


The SS7 Signaling Database (SDA) and Diameter Database (DB) are not supported for this release.

User Interfaces

All system configuration activities for this platform are executed using the Web User Interface (UI) with the exception of the following:

These tasks are executed using a text-based user interface (referred to in this document as Menu UI).

For information about the Web UI and the Menu UI, see the Web UI and Menu UI Guide.

System provisioning can be performed using the Web UI, TL1, SNMP, XML, and REST API.

Operational Flow

This section provides you with a high-level operational flow that describes the key tasks for installing and configuring the DSC SWe (on OpenStack).

Table : Operational Flow for DSC SWe (on OpenStack) Installation and Configuration

Creating an IP Plan on OpenStack
  • Consider the requirements for creating an IP Plan such as the supported network interfaces.
  • Create the IP Plan for your network.
  • Record the IP information so that your system information is readily available when you install the software.
Pre-installation RequirementsReview this section to make sure that you have met all the requirements for installing, configuring, provisioning, and maintaining the DSC SWe (on OpenStack).
Downloading Installation Files

Download the following files from Salesforce:

Software Packages:


TAR Archive file:

dsc_swe_18_0_0_nb<date>_HOT.tgz (contains Heat template *.yaml files)

Installation ProceduresExecute the installation procedures in the same order as they are listed on this page.
Configuring and Initializing the DSC SWe (on OpenStack)Execute the procedures in this section to install, license, configure, and initialize the DSC SWe (on OpenStack).

Search the DSC SWe (on OpenStack) Software Installation Guide

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