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The Ribbon Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM) is an ETSI standards-aligned virtualized application you can use to orchestrate and manage the lifecycle of distributed DSC deployments in an OpenStack cloud environment.

The VNFM provides an alternative to Heat templates and Samsung VNFM when deploying the DSC SWe in an OpenStack environment. 

VNFM processes a VNF Descriptor (VNFD) file to define the main properties and resources required to deploy a VNF. The DSC SWe VNFD file is provided in a Cloud Service Archive (CSAR) file. A generation script zip file will be provided so that the user can generate their own CSAR file. The CSAR file provides the possible values for each of product variations and the default values for them.

The following steps link to the sections and procedures needed to instantiate DSC SWe on OpenStack using Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM).


Downloading the DSC Installation Files and Pre-Installation Requirements

Refer to:

The files will include the new CSAR generation script zip file instead of the CSAR files themselves. 


Creating the CSAR File

Refer to this page for instructions on unzipping and creating your CSAR File.


Onboarding the DSC SWe VM CSAR Package File

Refer to this page for instructions on Onboarding the the CSAR Package File.


Prerequisites for Instantiating DSC SWe on Openstack using VNFM

Prepare your OpenStack cloud environment to meet the requirements for instantiating DSC SWe using VNFM.


Instantiating DSC SWe on Openstack using VNFM

Deploy the DSC VNF.


Upgrading the DSC SWe (on Openstack) using VNFM

Refer to this page for instruction for the manual upgrade procedure.