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About EdgeView 16.3.0 Release Notes

This document describes new features, the latest hardware and software requirements, known limitations and other pertinent release information for the latest release of EdgeView 16.3.0 release.

Related Documentation

The EdgeView 16.3.0 documentation is located at the following Ribbon Wiki space: EdgeView 16.3.0 Documentation Home.

Release Notes Use and Distribution

Ribbon product release notes are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This work contains proprietary information of Ribbon Communications, 6500 Chase Oaks Blvd, Suite 100, Plano, TX 75023 U.S.A. Use, disclosure, or reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from Ribbon Communications.

Problems or Questions

For problems or questions, contact the Ribbon Support through telephone or fax:

  • Ribbon Support Portal:
  • Voice: +1-833-RIBBON1 (1-833-742-2661)
  • Japan Support Assistance Center: +81-3-6414-8550  (Japanese Language Support)
  • Former Edgewater Networks Technical Assistance Center: +1-408-351-7200,#2 or +1-408-351-7255 (Americas), +44-203-769-0576 (EMEA)

About EdgeView Service Control Center

EdgeView Service Control Center offers a multi-tenant approach for remote configuration and central management of Ribbon Communications Intelligent Edges. The Service Control Center also offers auto-provisioning of VoIP phones without the overhead of running a complex software on separate hardware.

Using the EdgeView software, enterprises and service providers can monitor and troubleshoot VoIP performance statistics from a central location, thus enhancing the support services provided to their customers. As a virtualized micro-services based appliance, EdgeView offers excellent scale, high performance, agility, and cost-effectiveness providing a solid secure foundation for those enterprises and managed service providers considering hosted or managed, premise cloud or hybrid UCaaS offerings.

EdgeView manages networks of all sizes. EdgeView can be deployed as a standalone system or in a high-availability virtualized micro-service configuration for carrier-grade environments.

Supported Platforms

Edgeview version 16.3.0 supports the following platforms:

  • 2900 Series
  • 6000
  • 4800 Series
  • 7000 Series
  • 300 Series

Refer to EdgeView and EdgeMarc Interoperability Matrix for a detailed EdgeView interoperability matrix.

New Features in This Release

The following new features are included in this release:

Feature ID





System preference to display time in UTC or local browser time zone.

A new panel named ‘Preferred Time Display’ has been included in the System->Configuration General Settings tab for evadmin user to set the preferred time display for all users.  Default is set to UTC.

For detailed information, refer Preferred Time Display.



Trigger rule for device connected to EdgeView.

New trigger rule has been introduced to notify the user that a new device has connected to EdgeView, or an existing device on EdgeView has changed its status from Down to Up.

For detailed information, refer EdgeView Troubleshooting Rules.



Backup and restore procedures for HA cluster.

There is a new script under scc-build/scripts directory that performs backup of the MySQL databases.  The script also removes backups that are older than 30 days by default.  Instructions on how to restore it, is documented in the script.

For detailed information, refer HA and Large Scale Deployment.



Add options for shorter data retention time.

There are two new options that are added so that the user can choose as retention time: 7 days and 14 days.

Required Software Versions

The following software versions are required for this release and are available for download from the Customer Portal:

ProductDateSoftware/Update Package
EV 16.3.0 Software


Filename: Filesize: 27280
Filename: Filesize: 28377
Filename: ev-fullpkg.tar.xz  Filesize3929035975

How to Verify Currently Installed Software/Firmware Versions

Use the EdgeView SCC WebUI to verify the currently installed software version.

  1. Open the WebUI and click the Admin tab.
  2. On the Admin page, you can see the current software version under Software Version.

Upgrade Notes

This section contains specific upgrade notes for customers planning to upgrade to EdgeView 16.3.0. For details on supported releases and upgrades, refer to Upgrade EdgeView.

To download a software package from the Ribbon Support Portal, refer Ribbon Support Portal - Download Center.  

For an EdgeMarc Swap (eSWAP) use case, EdgeView can be configured to automatically import legacy EdgeMarc devices and collections from 14.x.x to 16.x.x. Once configured, any future 14.x.x modifications are automatically reflected on 16.x.x. To synchronize an EdgeView 14 with an EdgeView 16, refer to Synchronize EdgeView 14 with EdgeView 16.

Resolved Issues - Severity 1

There are no resolved issues with Severity 1 in this release.

Resolved Issues - All Other Severities

Issue IDCase No.SevProblem DescriptionResolution




Login screen will not let the user to enter password over 20 characters in length.

The code is fixed so that validation is allowed to enter password up to the max length allowed.





Unable to Open Device GUI for EM304.

The exception that caused Open Device GUI to fail specifically to the EM300 platform, has been fixed.





Third party library spring-security-oauth2 vulnerability.

The code is updated to use a newer 2.3.6 version that addressed the vulnerability.





EdgeView continues to install even if there is not enough space on the system.

The code is fixed to check the available storage space and stop installation when there isn’t enough space.






EdgeView scc and em containers went into bad state in HA cluster.

Enhanced the health check for scc and em containers.

Known Issues - Severity 1

There are no known issues of Severity 1 in this release.

Known Issues - All Other Severities

There are no known issues of other severities in this release.