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The EdgeView allows you to easily replace the EdgeMarc legacy devices with newer devices using EdgeMarc Swap (eSWAP) functionality. Synchronization between the newer and legacy devices enables the two devices to communicate. EdgeView can be configured to automatically import legacy EdgeMarc devices and collections from 14.x.x to 16.x.x. Once configured, any future 14.x.x modifications are automatically reflected on 16.x.x.

If you plan to import legacy EdgeMarc devices and collections from 14.x.x to 16.x.x, follow the instructions below to synchronize the EdgeView 14 with EdgeView 16.

When upgrading a stand-alone or HA EdgeView 16.1.1, the following action MUST be performed when EdgeView 14.2.2 is integrated for legacy support.

Synchronize EdgeView14 with EdgeView16 as follows:

  1. Upgrade to EdgeView16.1.1.
  2. Navigate to EdgeView14 and select EV SYSTEM on the top button menu.
  3. Select System Settings and go to the EdgeView 15 tab in the center pane.
  4. Disable Enable EV15 Synchronization.
  5. Apply EdgeView 14.2.2patch5RC7.
  6. Re-enable Enable EV15 Synchronization.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Test EV15 Connection.
  9. Click Sync with EV15.