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One of the primary objectives at Ribbon is to ensure Ribbon products interoperate with customers’ existing network equipment. Ribbon interoperability testing is designed to prove interoperability with legacy equipment (TDM, H.323), multiple SIP vendors, SIP standards, application providers, international standards, and more.

This section provides interoperability test results (application notes) for these various scenarios. Be aware that these application notes are created for customers who have a good understanding of Ribbon SBCs and the PBX devices that are tested. This customer knowledge and experience is a key factor to understand the SBC and PBX configurations before these application notes are actually used in the field. These application notes are targeted for use by specific customers, and the provisioning information included in these application notes should only be implemented after the customer applies their proprietary SBC and PBX configurations on their servers.

Do not use these application notes to set up or provision any end-to-end solutions. These application notes include only information that was recorded while setting up for and executing specific test scenarios. Note that Ribbon product documentation is often referenced when configuring Ribbon products using the application notes since the intent is to use existing documentation when possible. 

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