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The LX supports running syslog server as a Windows service. This service enables users to capture syslogs to a local disk without having to open the LX interface.

As with any Windows service, setting the LX syslog service to automatic should make LX resilient to system restarts. When the service starts after a restart, the LX starts capturing logs. This is ideal to for those who need to capture logs over a prolonged period of time.


  1. Install the latest version of LX.

  2. If another user installed the LX, obtain that person's login credentials.

    If you do not have the login credentials of the user who installed the LX, you cannot use this service.

Setting up the LX Syslog Service

The LX Windows service is installed automatically when the LX is installed. All that is required is that the LX is configured before running the LX Windows service.

Prepare the LX Syslog as a Windows Service

Before running the LX as a Windows Service, save the IP, transport, and port that will be used.

To save settings for the Syslog Server

  1. Open the LX and click Syslog Server from the menu bar.

  2. Select the listening IP address, transport protocol, and listening port.

  3. Save settings
    1. Click Start Listening

    2. Click Stop Listening

    3. Click Close

  4. From the LX main window, click File > Settings

  5. Under Syslog Server Settings, enter a directory for Log Destination

    1. Click Browse and select file location

    2. Click OK

    With Syslog Server Settings, you can also set the rotation for the logs (default is 100MB) and set how many days you want to keep your log files. For information about Syslog Server Settings, see Working with Settings and Filters


  6. Click OK

If there are any changes to the IP, transport, port, or log destination, repeat the preceding procedure and restart the LX service.

Run the LX Syslog Windows Service

  1. Open services.msc and double-click LXSyslogService


  2. Click the Log On tab and provide the credentials of the user who installed the LX

  3. Click the General tab

  4. Set Startup type to automatic or manual

  5. Click OK

  6. Right-click on LXSyslogService
  7. Click Start the Service

After completing the preceding steps, the configured Log Destination directory will include a new file where the syslog traffic is written. The log file is rotated based on the value configured in the settings.

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